Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Update] New Feature : Team Battle!!
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Coming Soon

Greeting Saiyan,

This July 2017 we provide New Feature Team Battle for the Adventure be more excited than you had before. Besides of making the adventure more and more challenging, increase your power to become strongest in the universe.

On this New Update, you can join with your friend to defeat another player and proving yourself as greatest saiyans on this galaxy!! Not only that, you can collect the Badge from the Team Battle to Exchange for Heroes or any Rare Item on Badge shop.

This is point of new update Team Battle:

Team Battle


1. Unlock Team Battle when the main character reaches Lv. 45: Team Battle is a cross-server battle. When more than five players reach Lv. 45 in the server, it will start the next day.

2. The Team Battle can be joined during 12:30-12:59 and 20:30-20:59 every day.

3. After Team Battle activated, players can form a team freely to join.

4. Players will be rewarded with Badges according to the points they get every day, and the rewards will be sent via email at 00:00.

5. Badges can be exchanged for the items, equipment and heroes from Badge Shop. The more winning streaks, the more badges.

Badge Shop

You can exchange your Badge from Team Battle on Badge Shop with many Item and Heroes :

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