Dragon Ball Z Online :: Tournament & Grand Tourney
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Tournament & Grand Tourney

Greetings Saiyan

Starting 23rd January 2017, New PvP feature in Dragon Ball Z is now officially open!! This feature is separated into 2 feature and allows you to challenge players from other servers!!

Winning matches in Tournament will provide you tokens to be traded for items or Universe Crystals. Universe crystals can be traded again for Z Weapons, Consumable and even super strong partner!!

Reach certain rank in Tournament and you will be invited into Grand Tourney where you can fight the strongest Saiyans and get more rewards!!

Here are the details and rewards you can obtain:


1. Lv. 60 (and above) players can attend Tournament.

2. Register between 5:30-24:00 to attend the next day's Tournament between 11:00-22:00.

3. VIP 8 or higher level VIP players will auto register at 24:00; if no challenge is initiated for 3 consecutive days, registration will be canceled. (This does not apply for 1st day of the season)

4. Challenge foes to win credit points. A small number of points will be given even if you lose.

5. 18 Free Challenge chances are given everyday. You can pay with gold for extra 12 Chances

6. There are several groups of rivals for you to challenge. If you are strong enough, you can try

Super Challenge to fight more powerful opponents to earn a large number of points.

7. Ranking list will be updated at 2:30 everyday. The team to be challenged is the team you use during registration.

8. Participants will be divided into 7 (seven) groups according to their points, which from high to low are: God, Legend, Grand Master, Master, Expert, Newbie and Apprentice

The higher the group level is, the better the rewards will be. Players of Master and above group can also obtain special Tournament title

9. From the 2nd day of the season, there will ranking based on players' points. If you didn't register on the 1st day of the season, you have no original points

10. The match season of Tournament is one month. Players will obtain corresponding Chaos Elements based on their final groups at 3:45 AM Daily

11. At the end of a season, players will obtain Chaos Elements and Challenge Tokens based on their groups and ranking.

12. The off-season is the 17th and 18th of every month. Season start from 19th - 16th of next month.

Tournament Reward

Each time you win/lose a fight in tournament, you will receive Challenge Token. These tokens can be redeemed to various items

The items you can exchange are:

> Epic Exp Scroll (Gives 500,000 Exp to Partner)

> Lv 10 Silver Card ( Gives 100,000 Silvers)

> Purple Hero Card Chest ( Gives 10 Purple Hero Cards)

> Gold Hero Card Chest ( Gives 10 Gold Hero Cards)

> Universe Crystals Chest (Gives 10 Universe Crystals)

If you exchange the challenge token to Universe Crystals, you can exchange it to Z Weapons, Senju Beans and even Partners!!

Grand Tourney

1. When Tournament start, Top 50 players can enter Grand Tourney for Top Finals from 0:00 PM to 9:45 PM next day.

2. Players can challenge other players who are within 5 place higher in ranking at Grand Tourney. If you win then you will exchange rank with your opponent.

3. The ranking at Grand Tourney will be calculated at 9:45 PM daily and reward will be sent through in game mail

4. According to your ranking in Grand Tourney today, players can get different Title Reward. These titles only valid for 1 day.

5. The titles will be sent as item. Use them to obtain titles.

6. In addition, players also receive Chaos Elements, Senzu Beans and Challenge Tokens as reward along with title.