Dragon Ball Z Online :: Top Up Guide
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Hello Saiyan,

Here comes the new media payment that you have been waiting for! We provide you many media payments that you can use to top up. Here is some information that you need to know before you proceed on.
You must have Playwebgame ID to access the Playwebgame Payment. If you want to know more about "how to make Playwebgame ID", you can read the the guide HERE.

Check this out!!


OffGamers Official Website: www.offgamers.com

First Step:
Go to https://payment.playwebgame.com and log in.

Second Step:
Click Charge.

Third Step:
Choose the game, server, and "Offgamers" as the provider.

Fourth Step:
You need to register new account for Offgamers using your facebook account.

Fifth Step:
If register is success, log in to use your wallet.

Sixth Step:
Then go back to the TopUp Site
Seventh Step:

The price is US $2.00/Gold. Fill how much you want to buy in the box, then click Direct Top Up.
Eigth Step:
Choose the Server, Dragon Ball Account (Playwebgame ID), then click confirm order.

Last Step:
Top Up successful, Let's play, and enjoy the journey saiyans !!


MOL Website : https://global.mol.com/global/portal/en/default.as...
First Step:
Go to https:https://payment.playwebgame.com// and log in.

Second Step:
Click Charge to start the transaction.

Third Step:
Choose the game, your server and the provider, then click "Charge" button.

Fourth Step:
Choose the nominal that you will put into your character.

Fifth Step:

You will be directed to MOL Point page to log in and start the process of the transaction.
Sixth Step:

Enter your password to perform the final Purchase Confirmation.

Seventh Step:
Transaction is success and Happy Sailing.


Xsolla Website: http://www.xsolla.com/

First Step:
Please log in and choose “Xsolla”.

Second Step:
Choose the nominal

Third Step:
You can choose the payment option that you want to start the transaction.
*. Recommended
*. E-Payment Options
*. Credit Card
*. Direct Debit Payment
*. Mobile Payments
*. Prepaid Cards

Fourth Step:
You can instantly find the media you want to use in the "Search Payment Option" or according to the country where you are coming from.
Here is the displays if you use credit card to top up:

Gudang Voucher

Hi Captain!

Gudang voucher has a lot of branches. Different country has a different link of payment. These are the links of the payment media that you can access based on your country & get your voucher code:
- GV Malaysia : https://www.gudangvoucher.my/index.php?PID=173
- GV Philippine : https://www.evoucher.ph/index.php?PID=170
- GV Thailand : https://www.gudangvoucher.in.th/index.php?PID=168
- GV Vietnam : https://www.evoucher.vn/index.php?PID=172

Please take note that DO NOT top up using https://www.gudangvoucher.com/, we don't provide it.

First Step:
Please log in to https://payment.playwebgame.com

Second Step:
Choose the “Gudang Voucher” as the payment media and fill the code that you have bought from Gudang Voucher Official Website.

Final Step:
Your Transaction is Success

Description: 21


Please access CashU Official Website to get your wallet: https://www.cashu.com/

Now, please follow the following steps below, Captain!

First Step:
Please log in to https://payment.playwebgame.com

Second Step:
Choose your game, server, and CashU as the provider. Choose the nominal that you want to buy.

Third Step
Make sure that you fill all the blank and your account has a balance.

Fourth Step:
And finished! Your transaction is success

Cherry Credits

1. Go to https://payment.playwebgame.com and log into your account.

2. Click on the Charge icon
3. Select your preferred game and server, then choose Cherry Credits from the list of providers, and the top up amount desired.

4. Click charge if you have confirmed the information you provided is correct.
5. You will then be directed to Cherry Credit’s website and you will need to either login using your Cherry Credits account.

6. After successfully logging into the account, you will then be asked to confirm your purchase by inputting your Cherry Credits’ 6 digit security pin.
7. After confirming, you will be directed to a page to indicate that the transaction is successful and then click “Return to Merchant”.

8. Upon returning to Playwebgame website, the status of your transaction will be confirmed.

9. You can then check and/or review your transactions history by clicking the “Transaction Log” in the options on top of the screen.


1. Login Playwebgame ID

2. Choose Playwebgame Game and Which the server to be recharge. And then click Provider : OneCard. Next press "Charge" button.

3. Choose the nominal you want to charge up, and click "Top up"
4. Login your OneCard Account
5. Notification for confirm the charge
6. Notification charged up success
7. Notification success from Playwebgame

Payment Wall

Tutorial Top-Up Guide using PaymentWall
If you meet some trouble, please report it to http://support.playwebgame.com/en

Step 1: Login to PlayWebGame Payment on http://payment.playwebgame.com/ using your existing PlayWebGame ID. (Here we use Anime Ninja ScreenShot page for example)Description: ss1

Step 2: Click Charge Button and you will be redirected to a Charge page, choose Anime Ninja and the server you wanted to top up to, and choose Payment Wall as the Payment Provider, after that, click the blue Charge button below the Payment Provider.

*ex: ScreenShot with NinjaOnline TopUp

Step 3: A Page will pop-up, in this pop-up page, you will need to choose the amount of gold you wanted to top up. After you choose, click Buy.Description: ss3

Step 4: After you followed step 3, you will need to input your personal data to proceed with the top up. Input your personal data, it has to be a valid data to be able to top up, and then click BuyDescription: ss4

Step 5: If the data that you entered is valid, a notice saying “thank you for your purchase!” will appear. Which also means your transaction is being processed and the Anime Ninja gold will be sent immediately to your character in the server that you have chosen in step 2.Description: ss5

Step 6: You can then check and/or review your transactions history by clicking the “Transaction Log” in the options on top of the screen.

Multi Game Card

1. Login http://payment.playwebgame.com/ using your PlayWebGame IDDescription: [GUIDE]Top.Up.Game.Cash.menggunakan.MGC-Ariawan-2015.10.06 (1)

2. Choose the game “Dragon Ball Z”, server game you wanted to top up and choose "Multi Game Card" from the list of payment providers, then click “Charge” button to start the transaction,Description: [GUIDE]Top.Up.Game.Cash.menggunakan.MGC-A.P.Global-Ariawan-2015.10.06 (2)

3. Directed to Multi Game Card (MGC) page to start process your redeem Multi Game Card (MGC),Description: [GUIDE]Top.Up.Game.Cash.menggunakan.MGC-Ariawan-2015.10.06 (3)

4. Notification for confirm the process redeem your Multi Game Card (MGC) to character game in the server that you have chosen in step 2Description: [GUIDE]Top.Up.Game.Cash.menggunakan.MGC-Ariawan-2015.10.06 (4)

5. Notification that the process redeem is success in Multi Game Card (MGC) page,Description: [GUIDE]Top.Up.Game.Cash.menggunakan.MGC-Ariawan-2015.10.06 (5)

6. Notification that the process redeem is success in PlayWebGame Payment,Description: [GUIDE]Top.Up.Game.Cash.menggunakan.MGC-Ariawan-2015.10.06 (6)

Note: If want to check history your transaction, you can check it in PlayWebGame Payment menu choose “Transaction Log

Description: [GUIDE]Top.Up.Game.Cash.menggunakan.MGC-A.P.Global-Ariawan-2015.10.06 (7)