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Shenron Breeding

Greetings Saiyan

Do you know that once you're strong enough, Shenlong will grant you a small portion of it's power? Despite being called 'small' it's actually very strong. Strong enough so that even it's presence is enough to unlock your hidden power into whole new level!!

To get Shenlong's power, you need to reach Lv. Then Shenlong will give it's power to you. We still gonna refer this 'power' as Shenlong. After receiving it, you can breed & refine it to make it stronger. By breeding & refining your Shenlong, you will also obtain huge increased for your status in various feature such as Arena, Guild Boss, Guild War, etc.


To breed your Shenlong, you need Dragon Herbs or Silvers. You can obtain Dragon Herbs from completing daily task, trade your sign in points, open Secret Capsule or buy it from shop (appear randomly). If you don't have Dragon Herbs you can also use silvers to breed your Shenlong. Your Shenlong will start as 1 Star Kirin Lv 0.

Breeding it will increase it's Lv. Once it reach Lv 10, you can raise your Shenlong stars. By raising stars it will increase stats even more than Lv increase!! Breeding will provide basic stat boost:

> Str


> Agi

> Sta


Beside Breeding, you can also Refine your Shenlong stats. To Refine, you need to reach Lv 72 and Dragon Stones. Unlike Breeding, you cannot use silver to increase Refine level. So you must use either Dragon Stones or Gold.

Also Refine will provide different stat boost from Breeding. Refine will provide the following stats:

> P. Atk

> P. Def

> Ki. Atk

> Ki. Def

> Speed

> HP


Once you have unlocked 2 Star Shenlong, you may transform your Shenlong which have looks to your liking.

This will not affect it's stats. So you can make your 3 Star Flame Dragon look like 2 Star Evil Dragon.

But keep in mind you can not transform your Shenlong to those not yet unlocked Shenlong. In other word, you can only tranform your Shenlong into lower star Shenlong.

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