Dragon Ball Z Online :: Saiyan New Update March 2017
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Saiyan New Update March 2017

Greeting Saiyan,

DBZ Online is a Free to Play browser MMORPG game. this game is based on Famous anime and manga from Akira Toriyama “Dragon Ball”

On this march 2017 we present you new update of dragon ball z online !! We added some feature and etc , so all saiyan can enjoyed while you adventure in dragon ball z online.

You all definetely curious about what feature and etc added in this new update , so check it out


1. VIP Pack

a. Adjust VIP interface, add special rewards of every VIP level, and VIP players can claim them again

b. Remove the server-launch event--VIP Pack

2. Snake Way

Add a new battle background

3. Fight of Dragonball

After you create a team and send the world invitation, the invitation only shows in in-game chat window.

4. Battle

a. Block and Resist effect are more obvious in battle.

b. The Shenron in battle is not flying any more.

c. New glitter effect added when a hero use skill

5. Novice Equipment

Add a Novice Equipment icon, and the icon disappears after buying all the Novice Equipment.

  • Shop
    • Tap Play button on battle report, and the report will display again.
    • A new notice added when Online Pack is not available.
    • Player can enter Sign-in Points exchange interface in Growth Road
    • Adjust some Server Launch events

Shop icon is moved to the bottom right of Main interface.



In this new update you can get more reward at Vip privilage !! example like : strongest partner ( Kibito Kai ) & Grade 8 Z-weapon box !!! But is all depend at your vip level

♦ Vip 8

  • ♦ Vip 9
  • ♦ Vip 10


♦ Snake way background battle change

♦ Added icon novice equipment ( after finished task this icon will dissapear )

♦ 7 Days login reward added

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