Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Guide] Potential Upgrade !!
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Greetings Saiyan!

Have you ever seen other player with purple names or even yellow names at the city? Wondering how to get that color or is there anything beneficial about it? Then you should read the guide regarding Potential below.


Once you reach level 9, you have access to Potential Scroll. Within the scroll there are several Nodes with 2 different functions.

Larger nodes will provide your main character new skill once it’s unlocked.

Meanwhile, smaller nodes will grant stat bonus and sometimes growth bonus. Growth bonuses are extra stat given when you leveled up. So the higher your level is, the bigger your bonuses from Growth bonus are!!

Once you’ve unlocked all nodes in Potential Scroll, a new Scroll will open with number of nodes. In addition, completing a Scroll will also increase your character talent and changes their name color (color change pattern are Green -> Blue -> Purple -> Yellow -> Red). And by doing so, you can equip higher grade Z-Artifact!!

King's Training

Other than completing activating nodes on Potential Scrolls, you can also do King's Training to improve your stats.

Kings Training can be done for free 3 times a day, after that you must pay silvers for each of the training. The amount will increase in every training session with max amount of 100.000 Silvers.

Each time you train, certain part of your Ki will gain exp. Once it gets enough Exp, your Ki will grant you bonus stats.

Should you fail your training, small portion of silvers will be refund.