Dragon Ball Z Online :: [News] New update 17 Dec 2016
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Greeting saiyan,

This dec we provide to Update Dragon Ball Z Online for the Adventure be more excited than you had before. Besides of making the adventure more and more challenging, increase your power to become strongest in the universe

This is point of new update we provide on 17 Dec 2016 :

1. Level and experience :

♦ significant reduction after level 50 on the required experience for upgrade

♦ Players at level 50 and above will be automatically promoted to the appropriate level

2. In great apes activities Now the player can only participate in your own planet

3. For get tienshinhan on top-up event when opened new server , now reduce to 30.000 Gold from 50.000 Gold

4. Partner :

♦ I enhance part of the partner's height: small goku,Master roshi, Krillin

5. Plot

♦ Trunks super saiyan I, Songoku Super Saiyan III, Super Buu, Broli and others were involved in time and space turbulence, appear in the Practice Valley;

II. other

1. The reinforcements appeared in the level will be identified as "reinforcements: XXX";

2. Fixed problem : level part where the appeared enemy and the plot does not comply

Let's play together saiyan, share this information to your friend, and be the strongest in the Universe!

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So... What are you waiting for?

PLAY NOW! And be the strongest in the Universe!