Dragon Ball Z Online :: New Update Content April 2017
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New Update Content April 2017

Greeting saiyan,

This April 2017 we provide to Update Dragon Ball Z Online for the Adventure be more excited than you had before. Besides of making the adventure more and more challenging, increase your power to become strongest in the universe

This is point of new update we provide on 25 April 2017

Update Content

1. Consultants:

♦ Lv 46 To Opened this function , can greatly increase the team's combat effectiveness;

♦ The initial consultant Bumar's call scroll can be purchased in the mall

♦ Maximum consultant is five

2. New server launching fund (7 days before the new service):

♦ Power investment: 20 points a day after the purchase of power, for 20 days;

♦ Gem investment: buy a day after a 4 gem box for 20 days;

♦ Gift Voucher: 200 points a day after purchase for 20 days;

♦ Rune Investment: After purchase a day to get a Z Artifact upgrade Rune for 20 days

3. New function limited purchase buy ( Lv 30 to unlock)
♦ Change value reward everyday

4. New Server continuous recharge (7 days before the new service)

♦ Please refer to the online content for details of the event.

Second, the system adjustment

5. Formation
♦ Now double-click the partner on the left side of the partner can automatically battle partners
6. Interface

♦ Optimize the game to load the reading bar display
♦ When the formation is full, the new partner will be directed to the order to enhance the interface
♦ Add additional color display to the completed, completed task
♦ Can not pick up the task prompt to increase the level of display
♦ The CDK switch button moves to the radar area
♦ VIP interface to increase the title display
7. Fighting

♦ After the battle fails, click the icon to jump to the corresponding interface
♦ New battle failed prompted to buy God installed

8. Level \ Scene

♦ Check the scene to add an extra return to the main city button

♦ An additional random bonus for customs clearance

♦ The main city running speed greatly increased

♦ Increase the first clearance to obtain potential tips

9. he road to growth

♦ Now only suggest that the goal has been completed

♦ Reduce the demand for part of the target

10. Partner

♦ Enlarge the models of Bulma and other partners

11. Shenron
♦ The dragon is now displayed by default, can not be hidden (hidden by the call of the dragon show)

Optimazion Function

1. Fixed some cases where the grade packs were not correct

2. Optimize the double enhanced interface effects

3. novice guidance function optimization

4. Speed up the treasure hunt in the treasure hunt at the end of the playback speed

5. combat effectiveness to enhance the effects no longer appear in the main city outside the scene;

6. Gem function entry moves to the lower part of the main interface

7. potential can no longer pop up the lower right corner of the prompt to highlight the icon

8. Optimize combat effectiveness to enhance the performance of special effects;

9. Removal of flash effects of cast skills

10. part of the system function open level adjustment: check-in function open level raised from 5 to 17; Shenlong function open level from 21 to 24; Z artifact open level from 29 to 34; gem function open level From the 30 level raised to 31; limit challenge function open level from 30 to 34; master slave contract opening level from 24 to 42; pass the beast function open level from 32 to 46; Gravity cultivation function open level from 30 to 55; red silk of the Treasury features open level 31 down to 27; partner hotel opening level from 20 to 25

11. Check the flop 5 seconds will automatically return to the main scene

12. hunt treasure animation disappear faster

13. Level pack adjusted to reach the level of automatic pop-up prompt to receive

14. Online package to receive interface optimization

15. Level Package Package Content Adjustment

16. Adjust the opening animation text playback style

17. Remediation of the Saiyan force panel monetary unit tips

18. Fix the problem that the arena slaves can not be arrested

19. replace a new set of chat expressions

20. In addition to the storm set to replace the new icon

21. Optimize the game to run for some time after the Caton problem

22. Registration to participate in the Corps hegemony when no army players will be directed to the Army interface

23. Correct part of the daily task text error

24. Daily tasks can now be completed in any case

25. recharge the ranking interface Tianjin rice display icon replacement

26. Open service fund description text correction

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