Dragon Ball Z Online :: [INFO] New Top Up Guide
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New Top Up Guide

Hello Saiyans,

From 29th August 2017, PlayWebGame will be using new top up system. Currently the system is still in beta and there might be some change in the future. Here are the tutorial on how to top up on new System.

General Info

1. New billing system can be accessed from HERE

2. Once you open the page, log in with your PWG ID or Facebook or Google+

3. Once you Login, scroll down the page and choose the server where you play

3. After you choose your server, choose payment partner you wish to use ( As of now only MOL, Off Gamers, Multi Game Card, Payment Wall and Xsolla that are available. Additional partner might be added in the future)

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4. Each payment gateway use different method of top up. Please refer to other tabs on tutorial for each gateway


1. After login & choose server to top up, clik on MOL or Payment Wall.

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170830110218 Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170830110248

2. After that, choose the amount you wish to top up and click on the next step button (for Payment Wall you need to fill in proper Email Address)

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170830110726 3. You will be shown on which payment method available for you to complete this purchase. These are the options available on MOL

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170830111743

4. Payment method on Payment Wall is different on which country you are so what shown below might be different for each users

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1. After login & choose server to top up, clik on OffGamers and then click on Next Step

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2. You will be directed to OffGamers page for AnimeNinja Purchase. Here you can choose which amount you wish to top-up.

3. OffGamers is using wallet system. So you need to log in or create an account to top up

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4. Once you log in, you can start purchase. Please input correct username (exactly the same) & server otherwise your purchase cannot be completed


1. Choose Xsolla as your payment gateway.

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2. You need to input your email address (please use active and proper email address) then click on next step button

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3. A widget will load and show the top up amount you can purchase.

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4. After you choose the amount, click on next button and various payment method will be shown (note that the payment method may differ for each user depending on which country they are.)

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20170830123045

5. You can change country by clicking ‘Show More Methods’. More methods will be shown along with country selection on top right corner

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Multi Game Card

1. Choose Multi Game Card as your payment gateway.

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2. Input serial codes and pin from your Multi Game Card. Once you done click next step and it’s done.

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