Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Guide] Saiyan Power !!
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Greetings Saiyan,

Of course you know in Dragon Ball Manga, Goku, Vegeta and the other have Super Saiyan Power!! Now in Dragon Ball Z Online, you can also have this power to make you stronger in the Universe.

So... we want to share a little guide or detail on how to get Super Saiyan Power in Dragon Ball Z Online.

Saiyan Power

First, click on this icon

Then it will appear :

This function will be activated at lv 26. For the first time, you can activate Super Saiyan Power for free for 24 hours. After activating Saiyan Power, player will obtain many privileges based on Saiyan Power level.

You can upgrade Super Saiyan Power. There are many ways of obtaining Saiyan Power experience every day. The higher your Saiyan Power is, the more privileges function you can obtain.

Each player can receive 1 privilege gift pack each day based on Saiyan Power level and also you can get power status to make you stronger. The higher your Saiyan Power is, the higher power status that you can get.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's play together in Dragon Ball Z Online and activate your Super Saiyan Power to make you stronger!! Don't forget share this information to your friend.