Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Guide] Planet System
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Hello Saiyans,

When you reach lv 19 in Dragon Ball Z Online, you have to choose 1 Planet to join. Want to fight along with the most famous planet in Dragon Ball Series? We give you 1 chance to choose your planet. Is it Universe, Namek, or Earth? Choose wisely!


Son Goku is one of Saiyan race who was sent to Earth and become Earth's greatest defender. So....If you want to fight along with Son Goku in your journey and be the strongest defender in the Earth, you have to choose this planet. And for sure, this planet is recommended in Dragon Ball Z Online.

Planet Namek

Piccolo and his race live in Planet Namek, and he is the one who assists Goku in his adventure. If you want to fight and be the strongest warrior in this planet, choose planet Namek.

Planet Universe

In Dragon Ball storyline, Universe is a place of various races. All strong and evil warriors want to conquer the Universe, just like Frieza, Cell, and the other. If you want to be greatest defender in the Universe, you have choose this planet.

Let's play together captain, share this information to your friend, and be the strongest in the Universe!

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