Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Guide] Activities System
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Greeting Saiyan!!

Many things happen on daily basis in Dragon Ball World! There are incidents such as while Goku’s trapped in Emperor Pilf's castle, he transforms into gigantic ape!! You have to stop him before the city is destroyed!!

♦ Gigantic Ape

♦ Legion Battle

Is your legion strong? Join Legion Battle on activities, which is the stage to show how strong your legion is. Don't worry about winning or losing because you can get large amount of silver and fame!! Not only that... Top 5 DMG ranking players can obtain chests that contain potential and material. So, what are you waiting for?

♦ Stronghold Defence Battle

Warning!! Your legion stronghold is under attack!! Let's defend your stronghold!! Quickly enter Stronghold Defense Battle on the activities to kill the enemy and get the point. Defending side and top 3 attack sides will obtain large amount of silver, exp & extra legion chests.

♦ Fight at planet namek

Planet Namek is under attack!! Let's join the fight and kill the enemy! If you kill the monster, you will obtain large amount of silver and exp, potential, material chest, diamond, coupons & weapon capsule

All of these can be found under the Activity feature icon and you can participate in the events (you will need to register to some of the events prior to the event start time) to help your Saiyan fellow! Activities are available daily for a chance to rewrite your history!!

Let's play together saiyan, share this information to your friend, and be the strongest in the Universe!

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So... What are you waiting for?

PLAY NOW! And be the strongest in the Universe!