Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Event] Z Fighter Assemble - When the Greatest Comes
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Greetings Saiyans

Starting today, a new event is now available for you. This new event is called Z FIGHTER ASSEMBLE. When you visitthis event, you will see various offers of items, raging from common item to rare one. And also you can see a powerful Warrior on the list "Cloned Vegeta"!! So don't miss this chance to obtain them.

Event Period: July 4-8, 2017
Let's check the event detail below:

Z Fighter Assemble


1. During event period, doing top up and use the gold in Z FIGHTER ASSEMBLE will get Z Fighter Badge (Top Up 10 Gold = 2 Z Fighter Badge, consume 1000 Gold in Z Fighter Assemble will get 200 Z Fighter Badge).

2. Buying Heroes or any pack in Z FIGHTER ASSEMBLE will always use Z fighter Badge first. If Z Fighter Badge doesnt enough for it, then you will use your own gold.

3. Used Gold to cover your lack of Z Fighter Badge will be counted on (You can't buy the same heroes if you have it)

4. Coupons is invalid on this event.

Gold Radar


1. During event period, every time you top up 1000Gold, you will get a chance to do Gold Spin, 20x spin for the most.

2. Players have a chance to start Coupon Spin free every day, please use it in time.

3. During the event, each time you spend 500 Gold, you'll get a chance for the coupon spin. 100 Chances at the most daily.


In this Event, all Top Up will be accumulated and will get some rare items. If you use some gold and coupon, it will be accumulated too and grab the prize!

Click this button to open Giveaways Interface:

There is 2 type of Giveaways Event, Top Up Accumulation and Consume Accumulation. And here's the detail:

TOP UP ACCUMULATION; During the Event, all top up will be accumulated to get the reward.


CONSUME ACCUMULATION; During the Event, all used Gould and Coupon will be accumulated to get the reward.

Dragon Ball Bargain

Get more and more gold from this event from doint some top up!

1. Every top up you do according to Gold Point which determined will get Gold Rebate.

2. Top Up for 5 days continuesly and get 10% rebate from your total top up.

3. You MUST CLAIM all rebate manually on 24 hours after event end.

4. If you do not top up for 5 days continuously, you won't get 10% rebate.

Disc Shop

You can get many rare items with cheapest price here. Don't miss it!

1. Click Discount Shop button
2. The Interface window will be pop up.

3.Click PURCHASE to buy any items there.

There are some gift that you can claim in this event.Top up the required amount of Gold once during the event to claim rewards. There are 4 brackets for the single top-up amount, each of which corresponds to one gift pack and coupons.

Bulma Capsule

With Capsule Corp, you can keep much things inside. This time, Capsule Corp will give you magic capsule for all saiyans that saving this universe!

VIP Rebate

Event Rules:

1.Buy Diamond VIP according to your VIP Level. If Diamond VIP is lower than your VIP Level, you can't buy it.

2. You only can buy Diamond VIP once during the event.

3. After that, you can claim Diamond VIP Rewards once per day. All rewards will be reset on 24:00 every day. All Diamond VIP can be claimed 5 times.

4.Event button will be activated for 5 days after event end. Diamond VIP won't be bought again but you can claim your prize.

5. You can't claim the prize if the button have been gone and there is no COMPENSATION for it.