Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Event] Submarine Mobilization!! Login and Get Reward!
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Submarine Mobilization

Greetings Saiyans

Starting today, a new event is now available for you. This new event is called Submarine Mobilization. You will see various offers of items, raging from common item to rare one. Sometimes you can see a powerful Warrior on the list!! So don't miss this chance to obtain them.

Submarine Sign in

Rules Event :

1. After Login every day, Player can get 1 Sign in Chance.

2. Sign in Chance reset at midnight everyday and cannot accumulate.

3. Late Sign in is available in Submarin Sign. If player missed sign in, he can use Gold for late Sign in according to dates (each late sign in cost 100 Gold)

4. Player can obtain Extra Pack when accumulative sign in reaches 5,10,15, and 20 days.

5. Players can get mysterious pack for topping up or spending. Every player can get this mysterious pack only once every day. The chances reset at next midnight (Accumulative spending pack is accumulated for all in-game events).

6. Player can obtain rewards for login on set days.

Divination Crystal Ball

1. Player must do Top Up to unlock Divination event.

2. Number of Accumulated top ups and VIP Levels, to open this Event.

3. Once open, any divination requires gold. You will get rebate after divination.

4. Divination has limited opportunity and when it is up, you can not do Divination and get Gold Rebate.

5. Divination and Gold Rebate:

Dragon Ball Rebate