Dragon Ball Z - The Best Online Game 2016 - Free to Play! Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Event] Saiyan Auction February
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Hi Saiyan,

DBZ Online is a Free To Play browser game MMORPG. We can recruit lots of character with different skill, type, and power that will give you the feel of becoming a real Warrior!

In DB Z Online we can fight against others player in Arena, against Boss Monster in their lair and of course we can participate in BUDOKAI. We can fight so many enemy from others planet, Earth, Namek, Alpha, and etc. And there is also so many type of enemy, Saiyan, Namekian, Android, Beast, Dragon, Majin and etc.

And today, DBZ Online is going to running event "New Year Auction"
In this event periode, all of your Top Up will be get point! And the point can be used to Bid Item in Auction!

Event Time: 13 Feb 2017 [04:00 PM] - 15 Feb 2017 [03:59 PM] GMT+8

Click this page to enter the Auction Interface :



After we enter the Auction Interface, we need to Login first.
Enter your username and Password:

Click Bid button to start bidding, your bid must higher than "Highest Bid"

Enter your Bid Point and click save. and you can see the Bid List in the Rank Interface.

What are you waiting now? Top Up Now and Get your point!

NB :

POINT will be RESET after event periode finish!


1st Rewards :

Senzu Beam Package*1

Lv 6 Gem Chest*1

Z-weapon enhancement talisman*10