Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Article] Newbie Guide
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Greetings saiyan,

You will encounter a strong enemy on your long journey to collect all dragon ball and fulfill your wish , so..we dragon ball team want to help you all with this newbie guide article. how to levelling from beginning to lv , we hope with this article helping so much you all.

First time you entered the game interface; you can create and choose the character you like. There are total 3 types ( Saiyan , Cyborg , Demon ) and 6 appearances. Saiyan is a close-range attacker type, Android is a defensive and long-range attacker type, and Majin is a magic attacker type character. After that, you can enter the name and then click start button.

After that click start button , then loading to in-game. Player can skip this step by pressing the "start the journey” button.


♦ Then take the “Stolen Lunchbox” quest from Bulma and finish the quest on Kid Goku (NPC).

♦ Take “Find Lunchbox” quest from Bulma (NPC), click the main quest for auto route to the journey maps and enter chapter 1 Training Valley Fight. After you won the fight, choose 1 of the rewards you can get.

♦ If you want to make the journey easier , do top-up and you can get Little Goku and other rewards.


♦ When you reach level 5, Sign-in button will appear on the top of your in-game. You can open the Sign-in system and then click on the Sign-in button… Not just that! You can also exchange and obtain accumulate Sign-in reward, and obtain Krillin after 2 days Signing-in.

♦ Use item that you obtain after you finish the level 5’s main quest to increase your protagonist power and attack.

♦ Take main quest “Steal Bikini” from Master Roshi and finished it


♦ After you finish “Steal Bikini” main quest, you can obtain first partner: “Bulma”, to assist you on your journey.

♦ Also Formation system is unlocked. Click on Formation system and invite Bulma to your battle formation.

♦ Take “Protect The Village” main quest and finish it on Master Roshi (NPC), then you will get items such as armor, cloak, and hat. You can use it to your protagonist or Bulma.

♦ After you finish the other main quests and when you reach lv 9, Potential system will be opened… Upgrade it to increase your ability and get the new skills!


♦ Take next main quest and finish it until you lift the level to 10. And then, new feature “Shop” will be opened. You can buy gems and other materials in the Shop.

♦ You can obtain the new partner “Yamcha” to assist you on the journey. Also, you will get the green grade item to use.

♦ Take next main quest and finish it until you reach level 13, then new feature “Growth Road” will be opened. You can take the reward from this feature but…you have to finish the mission first.


♦ Take main quest and finish it until you reach level 16, so you can get the “Primary Will Proof” reward. With this item, you can invite “Master Roshi” on Legendary Warriors system to assist you on the journey ( the button is on the upper window of your in-game browser ).

♦ Take the next main quest and finish it until you reach lv 19, and then the Planet system will be opened. You have to choose one from 3 choices ( Planet Universe, Planet Namek, and Earth).