Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Guide] Shenrong Breeding
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Shenrong Breeding

Greetings Saiyans

Do you know that once you reach Lv 20 in DBZ Online, you can bring Shenrong along on your adventure?

Well... it's not Shenrong in it's whole majestic being though, rather a tiny portion of it's soul or essence. Despite being said tiny, a mere presence of it will grant you power when fighting certain enemies. Note that this 'mini' Shenrong can be improved into stronger version of Shenrong and gives you more stats.

There are 2 different methods to improve your Shenrong, Summon and Refine. Summon-ing will improve it's basic stats such as Str, Spi, Agi and Sta. While Refine will improve Special Attribute such as P Atk, P Def, Ki Atk, Ki Def, Speed and HP.

In addition to Summon and Refine, you can also have Shenrong joins you in the city while using various form that have been unlocked.

Here's how to do Summon and Refine


You can start Summon Shenron once you reach Lv 20. While doing Summon-ing, your Shenrong improvement is shown as Stars and Lv.

To increase your Lv, you need to Summon Shenrong several times. Also you need Dragon Herbs which you can get from as reward from various function such as Daily Sign In exchange and Daily task, or bought it when it appears on Shop and other events. You can also get it from Secret Capsule if you're lucky.

If you run out or don't have Dragon Herbs, you can also use Silvers (or even Gold) to Summon Shenrong too. Note that, using Silver to summon will grant less Exp than using Dragon Herbs.or Golds.

Stars can be increased once your Shenrong reach Lv 10 on it's current stars. When Shenrong stars raise, it's form will also change and grant even more stat boost.


Once you reach Lv 72, you can Refine your Shenrong. By doing Refine, your Shenrong will be able to increase your Special Attribute Such as:

> P Atk & P Def

> Ki Atk & Ki Def

> Speed

> HP

In order to refine your Shenrong, you will need Dragon Stones. Unlike Summon, where you can use Silvers as way of improvement, Refine can only be improved either by Dragon Stones or Golds. Same as Dragon Herbs, there are various way to obtain Dragon Stones such as Shops, Sign In rewards, etc.

Refine also works a bit different than Summon. You need to level up first in 1 attribute/stat before improving other stats.


Although transform will grant no stat boost, it's still grant your Shenrong a nice look. Once you unlock Shenrong with 2 Stars or more, you can change how it looks in the city. It won't affect the stats your Shenrong grant you so don't worry making your 7 Star Shenrong look like 5 Star Shenrong