Dragon Ball Z Online :: Z Artifact
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In DBZ Online, there is a special type of equipment you can use in your adventure. These equipment are called Z-Artifact.

Z-Artifacts are carried by strongest warrior on Earth. To obtain the Z-Artifact, you must defeat them in Extreme Challenges. You can read more about Extreme Challenges here.

Z-Artifact comes in 4 different types:

1. Sword. Sword improves characters' STR. Assaulters & Saiyans are the priority user of this Z-Artifact
2. Flute. Flute improves characters' AGI. By improving AGI, it also improves characters' speed

3. Earrings. Earrings improve characters' Stamina. Vanguard & Android are the priority user of this Z-Artifact

4. Cooker. Yes, cooker. Cooker improves SPI. Support & Majin are the priorities for these Z-Artifact.

Once you obtain the Z-Artifact, equip it to your character and crew in Z-Weapon window. Keep in mind that Z-Artifact is not for everyone. Your crew or character must be on same grade of the Z-Artifact to be able to use it.


If your character name still Blue or Green, you cannot equip Purple Z-Artifact ( Grade 2 and above). Purple character, like Krillin, can equip those Purple Z-Artifact but unable to equip Yellow Z-Artifact.

You can also improve Z-Artifact by Enhance and Upgrade. Also in case you have excess Z-Artifact after all those Enhance, you can either Convert those excess into same Grade Z-Artifact of different type or Dismantle them.


Z-Artifact enhance works in same way as normal equipment fortify. It adds '+' to the Z-Artifact and increase its stats. The differences are:

1. A Z-Artifact can only reach +10. Once they reach +10 they must be Upgraded to be further improved.

2. To Enhance, you need exactly same Z-Artifact as material, instead of silvers. The number of material increase as the Enchant level increase. You can either use Z-Weapon Convert Talisman as substitute material for Z-Artifact Enhance OR directly paid the Enhance cost with gold


Once your Z-Artifacts reach +10, you can improve its grade through Upgrade. Upgrade can only be done to grade 3 Z-Artifact and costs gold to do. Once Upgraded, the Z-Artifact will become corresponding Z-Artifact with 1 grade higher and with 1 - 2 Enhance Lv lower (+10 become +8, +8 become +7)


You can convert your excess Z-Artifact into same grade but different type of Z-Artifact. This is useful when you have excess of certain type of Z-Artifact.

All Z-Artifact can be converted but they MUST NOT Enhanced yet. In other word, NO '+'.

To start converting, the Z-Artifact must be in bag and you must own at least 1 Z-Weapon Convert Talisman to convert the Z-Artifact.


If you in need Z-Weapon Convert Talisman, you can get them by Dismantle excess Z-Artifact. Dismantled Z-artifact will give Z-Weapon Convert Talisman Fragments. Depending on Z-Artifact grade it may produce more fragment.

Once you get 20 Z-Weapon Convert Talisman Fragment you can exchange it to 1 Convert Talisman.