Dragon Ball Z Online :: RR Treasure Hunt
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RR Treasure Hunt

Finding treasure is everybody's dream, especially if it's some evil organization's secret stash. Luckily, Red Ribbon army has such secret stashes. And the best part is we can take it for ourselves!!

Everyday, you can hunt for Red Ribbon's secret stash for 5 times. The Red Ribbon Army hid their treasure in 5 different locations and you need to pay certain amount of Silvers to get the map.

You can immediately go and hunt for treasure without paying for maps but the reward wouldn't be great. So it is recommended to get a new map with greater rewards by paying small amount of Silvers (just 1,000 Silvers for each try). You can try 5 times to get a new map. After that you need to pay 10 Gold for extra 10 tries.

So what do you get from these treasure hunting? First and foremost, treasure hunting is your source for Will Proof. Will Proof is used for recruiting and upgrading Crew on Legendary Warrior. Other than Will Proof, you also get Silvers. Once the treasure hunt is complete, rewards will be sent to your character's mail. Don't forget to claim it!!

Will Proof grade is different for each location, so does silver amounts. Lower grade Will Proof can be traded for higher grade, but higher grade can't be traded for lower grade. So make sure you hunt at the right place at the beginning.

If you're VIP 6 or above, you can spend gold coins to directly access the Flame Mountain Treasure Map, the second best map that available.

Out of hunting chance but not satisfy with your finding? Then why don't you 'rob' other Saiyans?

Each Saiyan can be robbed twice a day and you have 4 rob chances (even if it's failed it's still reduced). Robbing enemy with higher level will reward you more items.