Dragon Ball Z Online :: Fortify
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Just like other MMOs, DBZ Online also have feature where you can improve your equipment or even create a new gear. You can access it at earliest stage of your adventure.

Fortify have several different enhancements for your gear:


Fortify = this is the basic enhancement. It increases the stats of your equipment by certain amount. There is a cool down time every time you do fortification. Max cool down time is 21 Minutes (8 consecutive fortification without stopping).


Refine = this enhancement will add new stats to your gear, you can refine as many as you want. Normal refine will change both stat type and stat number while Gold refine will change the stat number only.


Inherit = this enhancement allows you to transfer Fortification Lv (those +) AND inlay-ed jades from one equipment to another. Keep in mind that fortification will be reduced by several Lv if you do inherit.

Craft/Make Equip

Make Equip = you can make new equipment here. New set of equipment appears every 20 Lv at the beginning then every 10 Lv (Lv 30, Lv 50, Lv 70 then Lv 80, Lv 90 , Lv 100, etc). Equipment comes with 3 different grades: Blue, Purple and Yellow. Blue Grade only available for Lv 30 and Lv 50. Purple grade available for all Lv, while Yellow grade for Lv 70 and above.


Socket = if you need more socket on your gear, you can add it here. Sockets are used for jade inlay, so if you still need to inlay more jades but don't have spare sockets, make a new one here. Adding socket will cost you Katchin Stones and Silvers. Max number of socket on 1 gear is 8.


Enchant = increase your gear stats by percentage. Unlike Fortification, Enchant available when you reach lv 75 and only gear lv 75 and above that can be enchanted. Enchant requires corresponding spar or King Kai spar and some silvers to be done. Enchant can fail too, should you fail, the spars and silvers are lost but your gear is unchanged.