Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Side Event] Recharge Bonus January 2018 - 1
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Hello Saiyans,

Not satisfy enough with anything you get from your recharge? Dragon Ball Z Online is going to arrange an event for you - Recharge Bonus is here!. In this event you can get an item bonus in the end of period with some term.

The event will start from :

January 05, 2018 15.00 - January 06, 2018 14.59 Server Time.

REMINDER - Server time is using GMT+8

You can read the detail of each event below.


1. Whenever you do top up (either you have done it inside the game or not) which the nominal is same as the condition on Rewards Tab, will be counted as joining this event (as long you did it between event period).
2. Event start from December 28, 2017 15.00 - December 29, 2017 14.59 Server Time.
3. You only can get 1 item for each nominal during event period.
4. All player can participate this event.
5. LIMITED CODE! so grab it fast!


Accumulate Top Up 1000 Gold

• Lv7 Fury Gem •

Click HERE to claim

Accumulate Top Up 1500 Gold

• Z Weapon Talisman*20 , Lv6 Gem Chest*2 •

Click HERE to claim

NOTE: You can claim 1000 Gold Bonus too if your top up reach 1500G.