Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Main Event] Z Fighter Assemble January 2018
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Greetings Saiyans

Starting today, a new event is now available for you. This new event is called Z FIGHTER ASSEMBLE. When you visit this event, you will see various offers of items, raging from common item to rare one. And also you can see a powerful Warrior on the list "ZAMASU"!! So don't miss this chance to obtain them.

Event Period: January 10-14, 2017

Let's check the event detail below:

Z Fighter Assemble

During event period, doing top up and use the gold in Z FIGHTER ASSEMBLE will get Z Fighter Badge (Top Up 10 Gold = 2 Z Fighter Badge, consume 1000 Gold in Z Fighter Assemble will get 200 Z Fighter Badge).

2. Purchasing heroes and giftpack will first use already owned Z fighters Badges. If Z Fighters Badges are not enough, can spend gold to make up the differences. (1 Z Fighters Badge = 1 Gold)

3. The Gold spent to make up for the differences are also covered under "Spend 1000 Gold Rebate 200 Z Fighter Badges" (Can't purchase hero that you already owned)

4. This event does not allow coupons.

Treasure Tower