Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Main Event] Treasure Bowl - An Exotic Treasure!
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Greetings Saiyans

Starting today, a new event is now available for you. This new event is called Treasure Bowl, this event will let you strengthen your power with the presence of powerful items that can increase your power to defeat any enemies and beat your rivals!!

Event Period: March 26 - March 30, 2018

Treasure Bowl

1. Players can bid in Treasure Bowl during 00: 00 — 23:00. Winning List will be announced at 23:30 and the system will send the winner reward (via email). A new round will start at 00:00, the previous Winning List data will be updated and Players can reselect the numbers.
2. Lot bidding will cost a bidding chance. After a successful bidding, 100 Gold will be added to the prize pool automatically (prize pool will refresh every 5 minutes)
3. Bidding chances comes with the Super-value Packs. When obtaining a pack, players can get one bidding chance as well.
4. Bidding chances and bidding max limit will be reset at midnight, please use in time.
5 If the winning number has been bidden for by more than one people, the Gold reward win be shared equally. The single number will be alloted at most 10000 Gold.

Epic Equipment

Event Rules

1. During the Event period, Player has 3x Free Draw chance per day.

2. Player can use Gold for Draw Fragment; Draw has a chance to get Equipment Fragment and Item.

3. If you do not have enough Fragment you can use Gold for Equipment Set, you can use Gold to buy Synthesis set.

4. You have a Limit for Synthesis Set every day.

5. When the Event ends, all remaining fragments will be deleted and not saved. Do not forget to Synthesis Fragment.