Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Main Event] Spring Festival - Luxury Gold
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Greetings Saiyans

Starting today, a new event is now available for you. This new event is called Spring Festival Part 2 - Luxury Gold, this event will let you strengthen your power with the presence of powerful items that can increase your power to defeat any enemies and beat your rivals!!

Luxury Gold

Event Rules:

1. There are 2 Periods on the Money Tree Event: Planting Time and Harvesting Time. During Planting Time, players can use Click to Water to increase the Level of money tree. During Harvest Time, Player will get Gold Rebate from Money Tree.

2. Use water to money tree to increase Growth Point, Growth point reaching certain amount will be able to increase Level Money tree. The higher the money tree level the more Gold Rebate gets.

3. During Planting time, each Top Up 1000 Gold will earn 1 Watering Chances and each using 2000 Gold will also earn 1 Watering Chances. Player can get 5 Watering Chances at most every day. Chances Limit will be reset every day.

4. Rebate will be shipped within 5 days. Player must login for 5 days to claim prize. If you miss Claiming Time, you will not get a reward. Please login to retrieve the prize.

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