Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Main Event] The Greatest World Mall
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Greetings Saiyans

Starting today, a new event is now available for you. This new event is called The Greatest World Mall, this event will let you buy everything you need, everything you want since it will open all Heroes, Consultant, and many high level equipment to make your team stronger!. Don't forget with Double VIP Point only on this event, you will get more benefit faster!

Event Period: January 25-29, 2017

World Mall

1. Player can buy different of goods in here during the event.

2. There are five shops in the World Mall; Hero, Consultant, Equipment, Accessory, and Item Shop.

3. Players can choose to click on Gold Refresh to refresh the goods of all shops. It will cost you 200G for once, or you can use free refresh for every 6-hours.

4. Players can also refresh the price itself, but it will change randomly and will never higher from original price.

5. The gold consumed by refreshing or puchasing in the Wolrd Mall can be converted to the Points (100 Gold = 1 Point) and can be use to exchange any kinds of goods in Point Shop.

6. Coupon can't be used in this event.

7. Owned heroes can't be purchase again.

Double VIP Point

1. During the Event, players can obtain double vip exp after top up.

2. Activating Each VIP tier can obtain corresponding treasure hunt chances with chances to obtain treasure packs.

3. Each treasure point has one trease hunt chance, higher level treasure point means claiming better rewards. After completing all, the event ends.

Top Up Rebate