Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Event]Saiyan Top up Ranking October 2018
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Saiyan Top-Up Rank

Hello Saiyan!

DBZ Online is a Free to Play browser MMORPG game. DBZ Online was released in November 2016; this game is based on Famous anime and manga from Akira Toriyama "Dragon Ball". We can recruit lots of character with different skills, types, and power that will give you the feel of becoming a Real Warrior!

Today, DBZ Online is going to hold a New Event! Check this out!!

Top Up Ranking

26 October 2018 00:00 AM - 29 October 2018 23:59 PM GMT+8


1. All players can participate in this event

2. Every single top-up will get some point

3. 10 Players with the biggest point will enter Rank

4. Event will be held on 26 October 2018 00:00 AM - 29 October 2018 23:59 PM GMT+8

5. Each Rank will get 1 reward

6. This event is closed for PlayWebGame staffs

7. This event will be held for all servers

8. You can check the rank HERE


Jackpot :
Kid Gohan SS2

To get this reward, Player has to reach (minimum) 400 point and special for Rank 1 can get. If player reach rank 1 but the point is lower than 400 point, you only get Rank 1 (Fury Gem Lv8 , Lv7 Gem Chest , Z Weapon Enchant Talisman*20) only.

Common Reward :

Rank 1 : Fury Gem Lv 8 , Lv 7 Gem Chest , Z Weapon Enchant Talisman*20

Rank 2 : Fury Gem Lv 7 , Lv 6 Gem Chest , Z Weapon Enchant Talisman*15

Rank 3 : Lv 6 Gem chest , Z Weapon Talisman*10

Rank 4 : Lv 5 Gem Chest , Z Weapon Talisman*5

Rank 5 : Lv 4 Gem Chest , Z Weapon Talisman *5

Rank 6 - 10 : Z Weapon Talisman *5

Important Note: if you already have Kid Gohan SS2 with high level on your team, you can't get / even use the item again. Otherwise, your old Kid Gohan SS2 will be reset to level 1 again.

It can't be undone, so please be careful!.