Dragon Ball Z - The Best Online Game 2016 - Free to Play! Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Event] Rolling Rumbles - SSGSS Goku is here!
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Hello Saiyan, how's your team in this awesome universe?. Yesterday Shenron has appeared in this universe to help your team stronger, and now because of it Goku can became SSGSS now!

Starting from today, DBZ online will held events to help you in your mission to become the strongest in the Universe. These event will give you interisting reward, So now is your chance don't miss this event !!

Royal Rumbles

Event Period: 24-28 July 2017

Don't miss this chance, because SSGSS Goku is here to help you beat all of your enemies!

Beside that,there are sub event that also can help you to face all enemies. Here they are:

Rolling Marbles