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Saiyan Recharge Point

Greetings Saiyan

Today, Dragon Ball Z Online is going to held a special event for you guys who just join with us to be the strongest in this universe!. This event only last for 1 Day so don’t miss this chance to get an additional reward!!

The event will start from :

7 August 15.00 - 8 August 14.59 2017 Server TIme


1. You need to top up according to nominal rewards you want to get.
2. You can only get item ONCE / 1 ID or Account.
3. All player can participate this event.
4. You can claim your reward here:

Claim $50 Reward: HERE

5. Limited code, so grab it fast!


Single Top Up $50 to get:

• Katchin Stone *4
• Accelarete Rune *40
Minor Fury Gem * 4