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Coming Soon

Greetings Saiyan

Happy weekend!, Dragon Ball Z Online is going to arrange a special event for you - Tenkaichi Sale Event is here!. In this event you can get an item bonus in the end of period with term of

The event will start from :

31 August 2017 00.00 - 31 August 2017 23.59 Time Server

You can read the detail of each event below.

1. You need to do Single Top Up according to reward you want.
2. Event start from 31 August 00.00 - 31 August 23.59 Time Server.
3. You only can get 1 item for each nominal during event period.
4. All player can participate this event.

5. Dragon Ball Z Online will announcement the winner on 1 September 2017.

• Single Top Up 250 Gold: Lv1 Potential Chest*15

• Single Top Up 1000 Gold: Accelarete Rune *40

• Single Top Up 2500 Gold: Senzu Bean Package