Dragon Ball Z - The Best Online Game 2016 - Free to Play! Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Event] One Day Sale - September I
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Greetings Saiyan

Happy weekend!, Dragon Ball Z Online is going to arrange a special event for you - Tenkaichi One Day Sale Event is here!. In this event you can get an item bonus in the end of period with term of

The event will start from :

4 September 2017 15.00 - 5 September 2017 14:59 Time Server

You can read the detail of each event below.

1. You need to do Single Top Up according to reward you want.
2. Event start from 4 Septermber 15.00 - 5 September 14.59 Time Server.
3. You only can get 1 item for each nominal during event period.
4. All player can participate this event.
5. Dragon Ball Z Online will announcement the winner on 6 September 2017.

• Single Top Up 1250 Gold: Lv6 Gem Chest *2, Lv1 Potential Chest*15

• Single Top Up 5000 Gold: Senzu Bean Box*10, Lv7 Fury Gem, Dragon Stone*100