Dragon Ball Z Online :: [Event] Double Reward Bonus - July I
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Double Reward Bonus July I

Greetings Saiyan!
When there is much event that already run since yesterday, we know you still need more power to be the strongest saiyan in this universe. So today, we present another event to you - Double Reward Bonus!

The event will start from :
20 July 2017 13.00 - 21 July 2017 12:59 GMT+8

How to join?

1. Do first Top up $20 to get Dragon Stone*100. It still not enough for you? Don't be afraid, do second top up 10$ and you will get Lv5 Gem Chest*2.

2. Players can only get item ONCE / 1 ID or Account

3. You can claim your reward here:
TOP UP $20: http://bit.ly/RechargePointST5
Total TOP UP $30: http://bit.ly/RechargePointST2

4. All player can participate this event.

5. And don't forget, we also held Saiyan Top-Up Rank which give you a chance to recruit Kid Gohan SS2! More detail: Here

Important Note: You can't get Lv5 Gem Chest*2 without top up 1000 gold first to get Dragon Stone*100